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Available to read in the Archive now - From Martin Finn

Heat of the Night
A holiday happening

Beyond Bonding
A Broke Back Mountain moment.

When the Sap is Rising
Buds ... balls bursting to cum.

Clutching at Straws
"We're both str8 ... but sometimes we like the feeling of a man's touch. That's all."

Mid Week Phenomenon
Anonymous cocktocock sex in the steam room.

preview - Crossing the Line - here
Sweaty, rampant, cocktocock Frot one humid night in Miami.

Goes with the Territory
Lightening strike, hormone powered attraction and long suppressed curiosity ... leads to situational sex.

What Just Happened?
There was a vibe ... a sexual vibe ... a one off connection ... seemed to make both guys bold.

On Top
College guys ... hot to frot.

That Vibe
A certain vibe between str8 men who like an occasional bit of cock .

That's Not Sex
An evening alone whilst on holiday ... gets interesting.

Note from the Author

As far as I can discern from my life experience and various internet interactions ... there is a certain vibe between str8 men who like an occasional bit of cock. A different physical/chemical communication than between str8 and gay ... or gay and gay. It's a singular vibe that often ... sometimes ferociously ... gay men covet. They detest exclusion from anything that involves sexual activity between males. Well, boo hoo ... human existence is not tailor made for any of us ... gay or str8. So, this is a glimpse into a world I know only something of. I am a gay man ... yet I decline to decry, belittle or dismiss that which I don't totally understand and am essentially excluded from. Being a creative writer ... I'm allowed to explore such interactions ... for our mutual enjoyment ...

The way I approach the subject is; like gay men ... str8 men ... often stumble across cocktocock ... bulge on bulge contact when they are not expecting it. Some times through horsing around ... often during physical celebration or exuberant camaraderie ... men find themselves all tangled up physically ... occasionally sexually. They end up frotting ... clothed and unclothed. Cocktocock frot to cum ... amongst the str8 guys!

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